You'd be nuts to ignore the increasing risk of cyber attacks on your business

The company that owns brands such as KP Nuts and Hula Hoops was recently targeted by a ransomware cyberattack.

The company has reported that this will result in supply chain issues and a shortage of …

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Volume of data - a help or a hindrance in the legal world?

Dame Victoria Sharp DBE, President of the Queen's Bench Division, recently gave a speech at the National Criminal Justice Conference commenting on technology and digital data challenges.  

Since 80% …

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How artificial and human intelligences are coming together to change the early data assessment game

Early data assessment is changing. Legal consultant Rachel Mills explains why.

The logic of early data assessment has always been undeniable, even more so now given the technological advances we’ve …

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Cyber insurance and data protection

Cyber insurance and data protection - how do they relate to one another?  Here at Legal Data Workspace it’s clear that the two are becoming inextricably linked. 

Your cyber insurance – will it pay …

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Legal Data Workspace & Reveal to deliver richer client experience

Legal Data Workspace designates Reveal as its Preferred SaaS-Based AI Platform

September 9, 2021 - Brainspace, the global provider of the leading AI-powered eDiscovery platform, announced today that …

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Why M&A needs data due diligence

Let’s talk about due diligence in the Mergers & Acquisitions process. Most people know it contains financial due diligence, commercial due diligence, legal and often environmental due diligence. …

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